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Artists' Estates

I've worked with artists and their estates to organize their artwork, connect them with dealers, curate exhibitions, write about them to put their work in context and in general try to make sure that they are not forgotten and their art is not lost. Below are some of the artists I have worked with. In many cases there are obituaries that I have written about the artist. At one time however, several of them made up The Artist and His Circle... now I am the only one left alive (2014)

Casper Banjo 1937-2008 Daniel Robeski 1951 - 2002
Patricia C. Brandes 1931 - 2004 Charles M. Ware 1921 - 2005

Roy Ward Ragle 1944-2014

William F. Wolff 1922-2003
Richard V. Correll 1904-1990
Frank Rowe 1921-1985