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Exhibitions: 2004-2009

Art Hazelwood
Sept 11 - Nov 13, 2009
Reception Friday, Sept 11, 7 - 9 pm
4401 San Leandro Street
Oakland, CA 94601

San Francisco Impresario, Artist, Instigator: Art Hazelwood brings us his recent works covering the issues in a Post-Bush world. Hazelwood has been creating paintings, prints and public art around the country as well as Germany and Japan since 1984. His work is in art collections from New York to California. He has curated a multitude of art shows, written articles and engaged in creating art work that strikes at the very heart of political and social issues in our country. He is the co-founder of The Art of Democracy which gathers together political artists and develops exhibitions across the country to speak out against injustice and motivate the populous through art. Inspiring, challenging and brilliant this show is not to be missed!
No cost for admission

image: Trickle Down


Galeria Zapatista at Mission Grafica presents:
Pillars of Society - Prints by Art Hazelwood

Mission Cultural Center 4th floor Galeria Zapatista at Mission Grafica
2868 Mission at 25th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
May 4 – July 15, 2007
Reception: Thursday, May 17, 6:30 – 9:00
Come to the reception and print a screen print created by Art Hazelwood. This impeachment screen print poster is free to everyone who prints one.

Talk by the artist – Thursday, June 21, 6:30 – 7:30 - free
Contact: 415 643-2786
web site:

Some reviews relating to this show.
PRINTS OF WAILS, Art Hazelwood: Instead of just screaming at the TV, artist vents his anger in political linocuts. Matt Villano Thursday, May 24, 2007, San Francisco Chronicle
About the "I" Word. Political Artwork blog spot has an essay about my impeachment poster, on Wednesday,May 23, 2007. website has a bunch of photos of art openings and some commentary. You’ll have to scroll a bit.

Art Hazelwood’s new series of linocut prints titled “Pillars of Society” takes its inspiration from the title of a painting by George Grosz. Grosz portrayed the destructive leaders of society in Weimar Germany in the 1920s. In Hazelwood’s prints he brings his own satirical edge to contemporary America. In imagery richly populated with grotesque figures the series depicts a world of sycophants, war profiteers, and mercenary violence.

The terrain covered in this new series is explored from different points of view in several other prints featured in this exhibition. Among them are “Iraqopoly”, a screen print made at the Mission Grafica studio. It creates a board game out of the battlefield of Iraq. A large etching with engraving, titled “The Battle of Foulujah” recalls battle maps from the Thirty Years War complete with goddesses of war (one holding a scale model of the White House) as decorative elements, as well as the requisite captured and hooded prisoners.
Pillars of Society

Domino Theory of the New England States: Hubris Corpulentus moves on to New Hampshire in October of 2006 at Plymouth State University
In 2004 the state voted for Kerry but elected a Republican to the U.S. Senate
Judd A. Gregg * (R) 66%
Doris Granny D Haddock (D) 34%.  
They voted against an anti-war grandmother! Rhode Island, which has the lowest approval rating for W in the nation proved a curious mix where more pro-war sentiments were discerned than on the last stop in Indiana!


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Read the statement delivered by Art Hazelwood at the panel discussion in Rhode Island.