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Here Now: Where We Stand

40th Anniversary of The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (MCCLA), 2017

Art Hazelwood and Ronnie Goodman: Speaking to the Issues

Georgia Museum of Art
June 13 - September 13, 2015

reception July 17, 5:30-9:30
Two California Bay Area artists, Art Hazelwood and Ronnie Goodman, confront and tackle such present-day realities as homelessness, poverty, war, corruption and violence in their art.

Art Hazelwood & William Wolff
Color and Black & White Woodblock Prints
March 1 - April 6, 2014

ArtZone 461 Gallery

ArtZone 461 presents woodblock prints by William Wolff (1922-2004) and Art Hazelwood. While the Gallery represents the Wolff estate, this is Hazelwood’s first two-person exhibit. Hazelwood frequently contributed to previous group shows.
Social Discourses: In Print,
the Prints and Collections of Juan Fuentes, Art Hazelwood, Jos Sances and Jim Nikas, Richmond Art Center, November 2014

The exhibit illustrates how printmaking engages people in social issues and the sharing of ideas. The exhibition will address links between the practices and how printmaking has been utilized to create accessible political messages, social change and political solidarity.

Curated by Anthony Torres

Socail Discourses

Hazelwood vs Yeh, Compund Gallery, March 2014

Upstart to the Woodcut Battle Arena Imin "MDF" Yeh, has laid down the challenge and called Art "Gargantua" Hazelwood out from his long hibernation to compete in a truly sensationalistic woodcut bout. Standing just shy of 5 feet 2, Yeh is a powerhouse in the use of bold graphics and conceptual right hooks. Hazelwood, standing at a lethargic 6' 6", using a doggerel form of undercuts, is famous for dirty tricks and a long list of secret carving tools. It'll be a fight to the finish in 2014s fight of the Bay Area. You won’t want to miss Yeh vs Hazelwood 2014!

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