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Artists' Estates

Casper Banjo 1937-2008

Patricia C. Brandes 1931 - 2004

Richard V. Correll 1951 - 2002
Frank Rowe 1951 - 2002

Roy Ward Ragle 1944-2014

Daniel Robeski 1951 - 2002

Charles M. Ware 1921 - 2005

William F. Wolff 1922-2003

William F. Wolff
William F. Wolff


Imagining Lynd Ward
by David A Beronä, artwork by several artists

House Keys Not Handcuffs:
Homeless Organizing, Art and Politics in San Francisco and Beyond

Hobos to Street People:
Artists' Responses to Homelessness from the New Deal to the Present

and other essays

House Keys not Handcuff

Exhibitions include

Hobos To Street People: Artists' Responses To Homelessness from the New Deal to the Present

Between Struggle and Hope: Envisioning a Democratic Art in the 1930s

In Extremis: Prints Monumental, Intimate, and Encompassing

California in Relief - A History in Wood and Linocut Prints

Hobos to Street People


Here Now: Where We Stand, 40th Anniversary of The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (MCCLA), 2017

Art Hazelwood and Ronnie Goodman: Speaking to the Issues, Georgia Museum of Art, 2015

Social Discourses: In Print, the Prints and Collections of Juan Fuentes, Art Hazelwood, Jos Sances and Jim Nikas, Richmond Art Center, 2014

Art Hazelwood and William Wolff, Artzone 461, March 2014

Exhibitions 2005-2009
: Inferno Gallery, Mission Grafica, Hubris Corpulentus

Artzone 461