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San Quentin, Prison Arts Project

In 2008, Hazelwood began working with Arts In Corrections (now Prison Arts Project) printmaking teacher Katya McCulloch and her class of ten at San Quentin State Prison. We have worked on several projects since then. Another steamroller print event in 2013, and in 2014-2015 contributions to the Al-Mutanabbi Booksellers Street print project, Absence and Presence. In 2016 we set up a screenprint studio and produced prints on fabric for the anti-gun violence project Vision Quilt.

The statewide program was defunded by the "terminator" Schwarzenegger and has since been funded only at one of the 33 prisons in the state by the William James Association.

Nabbi, 2014, linocut, SQ Prison Arts Project Artist
One of several prints done for the Al Mutanbbi print project

Trans, 2010, linocut, each print by a different artist.
The theme of "trans" could mean many things, but in the end for a lot of them it was a reference to "transfer".
Several of the guys were transferred away from San Quentin, meaning away from the only art program in the state at the time.

Ill of Rights: Lights, Camera, Redaction
Ill of Rights: Lights, Camera, Redaction, 36 x 36",
linocut, 2008, Prison Arts Project artists.
Steamroller printed at the Center for the Book, SF
Prison Arts Project, San Quentin
Everyone contributed ideas for the print on "censorship".
The theme was suggested by the Center for the Book .

Center For the Book Steamroller Printing
Steamroller printing at the
San Francisco Center for the Book in