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Change the Priorities Homeless Rights

Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign

WRAP Protests

Unionized Adjuncts Unionized Adjunct Faculty

San Francisco Art Institute along with CCA, and Mills College have unionized the adjunct or visiting faculty. This is part of a national trend to pushback against the increasing moves to destroy teaching as a profession. SEIU 1021 in the Bay Area is leading the organizing. We've staged several poster printing events as part of that organizing.



We Are Not Disposable San Franscisco Poster Syndicate

The San Francisco Poster Syndicate is a loose organization of faculty, students and former students at the San Francisco Art Institute formed in 2014. We make political prints for specific issues. We grew out of the crisis around higher education– student debt, the abuse of adjunct faculty in higher education. But we branched out to other movements, the struggle for a living wage for fast food workers, protection of homeless people from discriminatory laws, the death penalty in Pakistan.


Loan Wolf Student Debt

Congress acted to extend the student loan interest rates during the summer of 2013. But the bipartisan way in which it was passed can only mean one thing - it's not going to be good for students. As the interest rates rise on 10 year treasuries so too will student federal loan interest. This is a disaster looming. Students at the San Francsico Art Institute and Art Hazelwood collaborated on these posters. The Library of Congress acquired the set in the summer of 2013.


US Post Office Closures

Congress gave a poison pill to the Postal Service requiring pensions be put aside for workers not even born yet. This burden is being used as an excuse to privatize and destroy the postal service. Everyone from Dianne Feinstein's husband Richard Blum to rightwingnut Darryl Issa is in on the game. Organizers in Berkeley are fighting back as the Berkeley Post Office has been chosen for sale (by Richard Blum's company for the benefit of Richard Blum).
Both prints in collaboration with Jos Sances




This Black Friday Remember

Culture Strike

This Black Friday Remember

Fiscal Cliff is a Fraud

Fiscal Cliff is a Hoax

CultureStrike invites artists to create work around political campaigns. They are also partly responsible for the Migration Now portfolio

Occupy Life! Occupy Posters

During Occupy we created and printed posters and tortillas with designs by
The Great Tortilla Conspiracy, Ronnie Goodman, Art Hazelwood
Xavier Viramontes, Juan Fuentes, Jos sances, and Jose Guadalupe Posada.