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Pushback Against Hate

Western Regional Advocacy Project

WRAP fights back against the criminalization and marginalization of homeless people. Art Hazelwood has the nom de arte of Minister of Culture with WRAP. In that role he does a lot of photoshop work, but also creates and recruits artists for the needs of WRAP's organizing.

Homeless Rights


Coalition on Homelessness

Since 1994 Hazelwood has been working with the Coalition on Homelessness, creating images for the Street Sheet, helping to organizng the annual Art Auction, and making posters.

In 2017 he received the Artwork as Revolution Award from the Coalition on Homelessness on the occasion of their 30th anniversary.

Homeless Rights

Prison Arts Project


San Quentin State Prison

Prison Arts Project

In 2008, Hazelwood began working with the Prison Arts Project linocut teacher Katya McCulloch and her class at San Quentin. He has worked on several projects since then.



The Great Tortilla Conspiracy

Art Hazelwood was invited to join this prestigious, if mysterious cult in 2009 and has been a sullen, if occasionally humorous, member since then. Tortillas printed with edible ink! Food with a message! Art that is digestible!




Liberty Secured

Political Art Portfolios

New Poor People's Campaign/Justseeds

Un-Settling Alliances

Migration Now

Occuprint Portfolio

Black Friday

Jos Sances Collaborations

Great Tortilla Conspiracy
Book Design
Arnett Watson Mural
Trump Tower

Freedom Voices

A collective organized to publish literature that speaks to or from voiceless communities on the margins. Art Hazelwood has seen three books through to publication with the collective. House Keys Not Handcuffs, Hobos to Street People and Imagining Lynd Ward.