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Since 1994 Art Hazelwood has worked with homeless rights groups, creating artwork, bringing in other artists to the struggle. In 2017 he was awarded the Artwork as Revolution Award by the Coalition on Homelessness on its 30th anniversary. He has worked as an adjunct faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute where he has been involved in every aspect of the union struggle, from posters to the bargaining table. The San Francisco Poster Syndicate rose out of that fight and embraces political struggles of all kinds bringing printmaking to the street.

Change the Priorities


Homeless Rights

Unionized Adjunct Faculty

San Francisco Poster Syndicate

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US Post Office Closures

Culture Strike

Student Debt


Great Tortilla Conspiracy


Coalition on Homelessness | WRAP

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Great Tortilla Conspiracy

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New World Border


Absence and Presence:
A Printmaking Response to the Bombing of Al-Mutanabbi Street

New World Border

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