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Migration Now Portfolio

Migration is a natural phenomenon, not a problem -- something that simply is. The freedom to migrate is our human right. When societies restrict or choke off the movements of their citizens, they create a dam which is doomed to fail. It might control the flood for a while; but will ultimately destroy both people and nature in the process.

Melanie Cervantes, Bec Young, Emory Douglas, Imin Yeh, Shaun Slifer, and Janay Brun, Mary Tremonte, Dylan Miner, Ray Hernandez, Meredith Stern, Claude Moller, Josh MacPhee, Thea Gahr, Art Hazelwood, Molly Fair, Cesar Maxit, Pete Yahnke Railand, Irina Crisis, Roger Peet, Felipe Baeza, Jesse Purcell, Raoul Deal, Kevin Caplicki, Oscar Magallanes, Colin Matthes, Lalo Alcaraz, Santiago Armengod, Mexico, Nicolas Lampert, Erik Ruin, Kristine Virsis, Jesus Barraza, Julio Salgado, Oree Originol, Favianna Rodriguez, Ernesto Yerena, El Mac, Diane Ovalle, Fernando Martí

Co-created by CultureStrike and the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative:
PRINTED AT: Mullowney Printing (San Francisco), Taller Tupac Amaru (Oakland), & Flight 64 studio (Portland)

Liberty Secured
Liberty Secured, edition of 14, 2012, linocut, 16 x 10.5”, $200

This edition of 14 printed by the artist.
Edition of 100 printed at Mullowney Studios in San Francisco for the portfolio.