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Actions: Occupy Posters


Posters by:
The Great Tortilla Conspiracy
Ronnie Goodman
Art Hazelwood
Xavier Viramontes
Juan Fuentes
Jos Sances/Art Hazelwood

Some of these are part of the Occuprint Portfolio

(right) after Posada,
The Great Tortilla Conspiracy,
Occupy Life!

Occupy Life

Great Tortilla Conspiracy, Quesadillas at Oscar Grant Plaza on the Day of the General Strike, November 2, 2011, also Dia de los Muertos

Take a look at this
Video of Ronnie Goodman

talking about his print.

Ronnie Goodman
The Birth of The Occupy Movement


Xavier Viramontes,
Save Medicaid...



Juan Fuentes,

Earth Day 2012, March for Food Justice
Art Hazelwood

This was the first march that led to Occupy the Farm, at the Gilman Tract in Berkeley. One of the great local legacies of Occupy.

Earthday 2012
Great Tortilla Conspiracy poster used to blockade Citibank on the Day of the General Strike, November 2, 2011

Jos Sances and Art Hazelwood
Hoover Institute

poster on the Occupation of the artists of Occupy.

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