Hubris Corpulentus
A series of ten engravings by Art Hazelwood

Title Page, engraving, 3½" x 7½", 2003

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Hubris Corpulentus is a state of obscene, overweening pride that produces monstrous realities out of the stupor of irrationality.

After it became clear that nothing would stop the US march to war in Iraq, and my sense of frustration mounted, the only course that seemed open was to channel despair into small concise statements. Engraving seemed like the best way to focus. It is a laborious process: a method of cutting a metal plate with tools to create an image. The minuteness, obsessiveness and control required were the perfect match for my wish to focus anger at details of this monumentally hubristic war.

I did not presume to portray the photographic reality, nor the horrors of war. My experience is limited in this regard to news consumption. I focused instead on the metaphorical and satirical nature of the enterprise. Liberty Brought to Baghdad portrays a bound and blindfolded lady liberty, roughly treated by troops dragging her off to her newly intended. The Four Horsemen portray the classic four figures of death, war, pestilence and famine striding above the globe while below insignificant peace protesters march in ant-like swarms.

The full series is $2,000 of ten prints is. Each print is $225 except the title page above which is $150.

Hubris Corpulentus has been acquired by the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, New York Public Library, St. Mary's College of California Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design Institute Museum, Stanford Library Special Collections

You can buy a facsimile edition of this series including posters from the Hubris Corpulentus exhibitons at

Hubris Corpulentus
Hubris Corpulentus
By Art Hazelwood
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