You can now have your own Deluxe 2006 Edition of Iraqopoly!

Hours of Fun at home, far from the IEDs

Iraqopoly - The Deluxe 2006 Stay the Course Edition
Rules: There are no rules- Only Ideology, Get to Baghdad then Spin for an Exit Strategy.

Limited edition of 50, Four color screenprint, size 20 1/2” x 28 1/2”, on Lenox paper 22” x 30” $75.00 plus sales tax in California $82.13 plus shipping and handling $5 (shipped rolled in a tube) Send Check or money order to –

Art Hazelwood
PMB# 302
298 Fourth Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118

Bush makes Axis of Evil Speech - Coalition Advances 1
Red Cross Attacked, Leaves Iraq - Coalition Retreats 3
Halliburton Wins No Bid Contracts - All Retreat 2
David Kay “No Weapons of Mass Destruction” - Coalition Retreats 3
Abu Ghraib Torture Photos Released - Go To Jail, Lose 3 Turns

Comments and suggestions always welcome.
Here is a great idea for the next edition submitted by a recent viewer of Iraqopoly!

“ I find it amazing that a person that's never been to the war in Iraq knows so much about it. You forgot to put on Iraqopoly – the cities waving American flags and the men, women, and children thanking the soldiers for liberating them. Maybe you should go and really see how it is!”
US Army, MIAI Tank crewman

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