Hoover Institute
San Francisco Eviction Fiesta: Google Bus, 2013, open edition, screenprint

San Francisco Eviction Times

In 2013 Patrick Piazza and Art Hazelwood started printing Jose Guadalupe Posada inspired street posters focused on the most recent eveiction explosion in San Francisco. The enthusiasm that their first street printing generated led them to invite others to participate.

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Mutiny Radio hosted an exhibition in their space and a radio program. You can listen below to Patrick Piazza and many guests as they are interivewed by DJ Balkan Vulcan

Boom: A Journal of California
printed a series of these posters in Vol. 4 No. 2 Summer 2014

The following artists contributed designs for this project all using a Posada broadside border as their starting point.

Patrick Piazza, Veronica Solis, Jos Sances, Mobile Arts Platform, Calixto Robles, Alexandra Blum, Cecile Blum Robles, Dianna Christian-Settles, Oscar " Elizabeth" Maynard, Gato, Rene Yanez
Art Hazelwood printing on the street for the first Anti-Evicition Fiesta action in front of Radio Habana on Valencia in the Mission in San Francisco.

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