Our Post Office is not for Sale
Our Post Office is Not For Sale, 2012, screenprint, 27 x 21, collaboration with Jos Sances

Stop the destruction of the US Postal Service


Congress gave a poison pill to the Postal Service requiring pensions be put aside for workers not even born yet. This burden is being used as an excuse to privatize and destroy the postal service. Everyone from Dianne Feinstein's husband Richard Blum to rightwingnut Darryl Issa is in on the game. Organizers in Berkeley are fighting back as the Berkeley Post Office has been chosen for sale (by Richard Blum's company for the benefit of Richard Blum).

Ralph Nader gets a poster and lends his support to the effort.

Jos Sances and Art Hazelwood collaborated on two posters in support of efforts to save not only the Berkeley Post Office but those nationwide being threatened by a bi-partisan zeal to privatize everything and destroy a strong unionized work force.

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