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Reviews of Promenade- A Voyeur's Guide to America

"Art Hazelwood visits homegrown murder and mayhem alike in Promenade-A Voyeur's Guide To America... (He) records his encounters with car wreckers, oyster shuckers, motel lovers, and on the cover, "The Whore of New Orleans", a picture dour enough to please Catherine MacKinnon."

Nancy Princenthal, The Print Collector's Newsletter, May-June 1994, Vol.XXV No.2 Pg.74

"Images and scenes of dancers, rodeo riders, parades, acrobatic performances and everyday occurrences are celebrated in Hazelwood's expressionist yet clearly legible prints. In the tradition of H. Glintenkamp's Wanderer In Woodcuts, this book too closely examines our surroundings to give the reader a new awareness of their surroundings."

Kurt Webb, Silent Story Books


Promenade - A Voyeur's Guide To America

26 woodcut prints by Art Hazelwood

A limited edition artists book handprinted from the woodblocks in an edition of fifty. Individual prints from the series are $100 each, inquire about availibility.

Edition: 50.
Media: Woodcut print book –26 prints. Year: 1989.
Size: 16-1/2” x 11-1/2”.
Image sizes vary.
Binding: portfolio binding by artist.
Printed on Masa paper.
Published by the aritst - Epigone Press, Santa Fe, NM



Reviews of Promenade- A Voyeur's Guide to America

"Hazelwood has captured America's (voyeurism) in a variety of activities both public and personal; the animated but isolated existence of many lives across the country. The woodcuts, which make up the contents of this books, are clearly influenced by German Expressionists, but the subject matter is uniquely American from rodeo to circus, from stock market to murder. The black and white images reflect the lives of ordinary workers, the public faces and hidden emotions, in a richness which belies the stark style of their creation?A strangely moving, intensely graphic view of the promenade of daily life in our country."

Paula Frosch, Small Press, Winter 1995

"There is a nervousness to his line to generate the energy that America represents, and (the) reflection of the workers of America...makes this book surge with vitality and electricity ...Whether voyeur or witness, Hazelwood's eye is right on!"

Judith A. Hoffberg, Umbrella, June 1994, Vol. 17 No. 2 pg. 55

This unconventional travel guide to America chronicles the experience of an artist on the road described through 26 woodcut prints. The prints range from events like a rodeo and happy hour, to Chicago on the day of the stock crash of 1987, to a jazz club in New York and a wrecking yard in Jamaica Queens, along the way it includes murders, car wrecks, and homecoming parades. Over the nine month period that the artist traveled around the country he camped in snow storms, and in swamps, worked as a janitor, and cut the wood blocks that make up this book.


You can buy the trade edition for $12.95.from Printed Matter a New York Artists' Book Store or from the artist. Or buy from the artist

Published by Epigone Press

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