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Ayudantes Animales del Sudoeste: Un Guía Para Viajeros Jóvenes
Animal Helpers of the Southwest: A Guide for Young Travelers

Animal Helpers of the Southwest

This handprinted book in Spanish and English text offers the viewer a series of allies in the ever more threatening passage across the desert regions of the US Mexico border. Ayudantes Animales del Sudoeste - Un Guía Para Viajeros Jóvenes, Animal Helpers of the Southwest - A Guide For Young Travelers is a book inspired both by the struggles of people as they are driven to take dangerous risks in this harsh environment, and also by the native cultures of the Southwest.

"I have lived on the Zuni Reservation in New Mexico off and on for several years. The tradition there of small carved animal figures, called fetishes, carry with them a suggestion of protective animal spirits. The animals were not drawn from photos or direct observation. It was my intention to visualize the animal I could see in my mind, that I could see in dreams. Like the animal fetishes these animal helpers offer their specific aid. The Desert Tortoise provides water, the Kangaroo Rat night vision. As surveillance and the border wall grow out from more populous areas it drives migrants to cross in ever more dangerous places. The heat tolerance of a Rattlesnake and the guidance of a Coyote are needed.

For all the young travelers now seeking to reach family or escape other dangers at home I offer this fetish object - a book of twelve animals in woodcut with screenprinted text and borders."

El Coyote: La Guía - Coyote: The Guide
Animal Helpers of the Southwest

El Perrito de las Praderas: Observacíon - Prairie Dog: Observation
Animal Helpers of the Southwest
El Puma: Siglio - Mountain Lion: Stealth

La Tortuga del Desierto: Agua - Desert Tortoise: Water Night Vision
La Rata Canguro: Visión Nocturna- Kangaroo Rat: Night Vision
La Serpiente de Cascabel: Tolerancia el Calor - Rattlesnake: Heat Tolerance
Animal Helpers of the Southwest
El Berrendo: Cuidado para los Jóvenes - Pronghorn Antelope: Care for the Young

La Musaraña: Excavación - Shrew: Excavation
El Lagarto Cornudos: Ocultación - Horned Lizard: Concealment
El Pecari: No Separarse - Javelina: Keep Together
Animal Helpers of the Southwest
El Armadillo: Protección - Armadillo: Protection

El Buitres, El Cuervo, El Colibrí: Orientación - Vulture, Raven, Hummingbird: Orientation

Ayudantes Animales del Sudoeste
Un Guía Para Viajeros Jóvenes

Animal Helpers of the Southwest
A Guide For Young Travelers

artist: Art Hazelwood, 2015, Edition: 25. 12 pages, 12 woodcuts with screenprint borders and text. Hand bound by the artist, hardcover, decorative covers, with screenprinted cover title,
14 1/4” x 11 1/4”, octagonal shape. Paper: Banks Cream Long Grain, 300 GSM, 22 x 28, Watermark AHE Made in Taiwan, $600

Acquired by the following collections: Georgia Museum of Art, Athens GA, UC Davis Special Collections, CA, UC Santa Cruz McHenry Library Special Collections, BIBLIOTHECA LIBRORUM APUD ARTIFICEM, Australia, UC Riverside Library Special Collections

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