Homeless Rights | Great Tortilla Conspiracy | San Francisco Poster Syndicate

Great Tortilla Conspiracy

Fighting For Homeless Rights

Since 1994 Art Hazelwood has worked with the Coalition on Homelessness and later the Western Regional Advocacy Project, creating artwork, bringing in other artists to the struggle. In 2017 he was awarded the Artwork as Revolution Award by the Coalition on Homelessness on its 30th anniversary.

Great Tortilla Conspiracy

The Great Tortilla Conspiracy invited Art Hazelwood to join in 2009, ever since then we have been bringing digestible art to the people.

San Francisco Poster Syndicate

Arising out of union organizing of adjunct faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute, the San Francisco Poster Syndicate has become a diverse, and every evolving group of political postermakers and muralists. Now it embraces political struggles of all kinds bringing printmaking to the street.

Gaceta Callejera

These street gazettes printed and handed out free in public places are created in homage to Jose Guadalupe Posada and the tradtion of democratic prints on contemporary themes.

Unionized Adjunct Faculty

Hazelwood has worked as an adjunct faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute since 2013 and has been involved in every aspect of the union struggle, from posters to the bargaining table.

US Post Office Closures

Together with Jos Sances we made posters to defend the Berkeley post office from closure. With special thanks to Harvey Smith for leading the fight.

Immigration Emergency


Some of the politically directed exhibitions organized by Art Hazelwood

Immigration Emergency: In Defense & Defiance
Oakland Asian Cultural Center

San Francsico Poster Syndicate co-sponsored this 2019 exhibition responding to attacks on our immigrant communities. More than 30 artists produced powerful artworks in response to the Muslim Ban, DACA, proposed changes to the Public Charge Rule, Sanctuary Cities, ICE raids and detention, family separations, the fake border emergency and Trump’s wall, the 2020 Census, the revoking of Temporary Protected Status, and the rise of deportations of Southeast Asians. These artworks highlight urgent issues that demand a response and commitment from all who view this exhibit to focus greater attention and support towards local communities adversely impacted by these actions. Exhibit Organizer: Art Hazelwood

Absence and Presence: A Printmaking Response to the Bombing of Al-Mutanabbi Street

Artists respond to a car bombing in the cultural heart of Baghdad. Art Hazelwood print coordinator and organizer of the shows in the San Francisco area

New World Border
Artists Respond to the US/Mexico Border Wall

A Traveling show
The wall, now being constructed across the length of the US/Mexico border is like a knife cutting off neighbors, wildlife, indigenous people, and families. The wall is inflaming hatred and contributing to an atmosphere of vigilantism and oppression. While the US walls itself off from the world in the name of “security” what is it sacrificing? A group of artists respond to the wall with imagery from a variety of viewpoints. This touring exhibition began at La Peña Cultural Center from March 3 – April 30, 2011 and traveled nationwide and in Mexico and Canada until 2013. 
Exhibit organizers:  Francisco Dominguez, Art Hazelwood, Doug Minkler

Art of Democracy

In 2006, after the mid-term elections Stephen Fredericks of New York and Art Hazelwood of San Francisco set out to encourage artists and arts organizations around the country to create art, make posters and organize exhibitions on politics. The idea was simply to activate the arts community, to promote political art and to increase the voice of artists in the lead up to the 2008 Presidential election. In the end more than fifty shows around the country pariticipated and artists made more than forty posters distributed widely, all in the few months before the election.

Article by Mark Vallen about the exhibition Art of Democracy War & Empire, in Foreign Policy in Focus