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Exit Iraq

A Child's Book of Exit Strategies for Iraq

Screenprint book, edition of 20, six pages cut into thirds, screenprint cover, front and back. 11" x10 3/4" sold out

top Exit Iraq
middle Exit Iraq
bottom Exit Iraq

Exit Iraq
In 2007 the Bush Administration wouldn't accept the Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group Recommendations. They wouldn't accept the voters recommendations.

It seemed a good time for a handy
mix-n-match exit strategy guide. As it turns out... this is exaclty how the US got out of Baghdad.

By the random interchange of six basic strategies:

Chicken - Cut and Run
Quagmire - Stay the Course
Denial - We're Making Progress
Draw Down - Phased Pull Out
Nuke 'em - Bomb 'em Back to the Stone Age
Diplomacy - Face to Face

There are 216 possible exit strategies for Iraq created here.

The six basic pages are shown below.