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Tora Bora the Film
Tora Bora
An Opera in Three Acts
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Unionize the Visiting Faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute

The Visiting Faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute have an opportunity to push back against the increasingly insecure status of teaching in higher education by joining the national movement to unionize.
This poster produced with union help from Alliance Graphics

Current Activities

The Battle of Monetary Policy

Plutocrats Looting Our Post Office,
collaboration with Jos Sances

Great Tortilla Conspiracy
The Great Tortilla Conspiracy

Hobos to Street People:
Artists’ Responses to Homelessness from the New Deal to the Present
by Art Hazelwood

Hobos to Street People
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The Dollar

The Dollar: From Death to Birth
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William Wolff on the Web

New World Border
Artists From Across the US Respond to the Border Wall now Being Constructed Between the US and Mexico
A Traveling exhibition of 30 posters organized by Art Hazelwood, Doug Minkler and Francisco Dominguez


"Bay Area artist and activist Art Hazelwood has a valentine for capitalism that's every bit as heartfelt as (Michael) Moore's: 26 satirical prints that continue his quixotic crusade to bring reality back to contemporary society, still largely driven by the profitable tickling of the pleasure/anger/fear centers in consumer brains."

"Market Madness – The invisible hand goosed us but good"
By DeWitt Cheng, East Bay Express, October 14, 2009


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