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The hoped for completion of a screenprint book project titled Tipping Point, is a goal for 2020. The book brings together some political posters and along with new imagery reworks it into a semi-narrative form of the fight against the hydra headed beasts of racism and classism. I've always wondered about the common idea in political art circles that images of protestors represents a "positive" political message. This book is an attempt to go from the extreme negative and go past the protest to something more. Stay tuned.


2020, the year of make or break politics for much of the world. I imagine I'll be sidetracked by the rise of fascism around the world, the collapse of the ecosystem, ad economic inequality. San Francisco Poster Syndicate will be active in trying to be a graphic support for activists fighting the real struggle.


Working currently on finding a publisher for the history of Mission Grafica written by myself, based on conversations with several of the key players in that important print studio. Also assisting a group working on the estate of Emmy Lou Packard in preparation for an exhibition of her work at the Richmond Art Center in 2020.

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