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The Dollar: From Death to Birth

See the Film featuring Arnie Passman reading The Dollar

The Dollar


The Dollar

Words: Arnie Passman
Artist, Design, Binding: Art Hazelwood

Berkeley poet Arnie Passman created a self-conscious Dollar, aware of its own dark past and uncertain future, in his text, The Dollar: From Death to Birth. The Dollar speaks of its mysterious and dark roots as it prepares for a final rest. Art Hazelwood, seeing a parallel in Passman’s writings and in his own obsession with the personification of moneybags and dollar bills has created an artist book that contains equal parts farce and monstrosity. The book cover incorporates the moveable head of the Dollar, which slides up and down devouring the various inhabitants of its domain. The one eyed Dollar–an American Cyclops–rampages through 500 years of history with all the savageness of the new currency on the block.

Book Format: Screenprint images and text, accordion fold with sliding cover image, 8.75” x 7.75”
Eight full page spreads on 16 pages. Screenprint covers. Hard cover.
Paper: Rising Stonehenge White
Edition: 28
Price: $450

Acquired by these collections: University of New Hampshire Library, Plymouth, University of Vermont Bailey/Howe Library, Yale University Sterling Library, UCLA, Arts Library, Artist Book Collection, Cal Poly, Kennedy Library, Special Collections, Scripps College, Denison Library, Special Collections, University of Colorado, Norlin Library, Special Collections, UC Davis Shields Library Special Collections, Stanford Special Collections, San Diego State University, Library, Special Collections, BIBLIOTHECA LIBRORUM APUD ARTIFICEM, Duke University, Perkins Library, Special Collections, Georgia Museum of Art, Athens Georgia, San Jose State University, King Library, Special Collections