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Murals and Public Art

Trump Tower
Trump Tower
8 feet tall, ceramic tile, portable mural
collaboration with Jos Sances and Juan Fuentes

Cultivating Resistance
Clarion Alley, Cultivating Resistance
San Francisco Poster Syndicate, Clarion Alley Mural Project, 2017

House Keys Not Handcuffs
Clarion Alley, House Keys Not Handcuffs
San Francisco Print Collective, WRAP, 2015

                      Watson Apartments
Arnett Watson Apartments
, with Jos Sances,
2009, San Francisco

Visitacion Valley Middle School
Dreams For the Future,
Visitacion Valley Middle School,
2009, San Francisco

Modern Muses, Vallejo Community  Arts  Foundation
Modern Muses

Vallejo Community Arts Foundation, 2000, Vallejo, CA