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The California Printmaker 2007

Art Hazelwood was the guest editor of the 2007 California Society of Printmakers journal, you can download a pdf file (3.2mb) here California Printmaker 2007.

Prints in All the Wrong Places
Recently a national art magazine with an historical emphasis on printmaking had an issue dedicated to art and activism. In these great times, one might expect something… well… something…serious, in such an issue. But the magazine seemed to have a concept of activism that even Dick Cheney and his Pentagon think tank couldn’t have found threatening. There was the usual art world discussion of political art about art, and most glaringly there was not a single mention of prints.

Inconveniently for the art world as represented by that magazine there is a good deal of printmaking going on that has something to say about the state of the world. For the editors of that national magazine it would be art for all the wrong reasons, by all the wrong people, in all the wrong places, made in all the wrong ways.

But there is more than politics that is affecting the way prints are made and presented. Technological changes mean that printmaking as a way of thinking is moving into different realms. The tradition of printmaking is perhaps less in the actual techniques than in the way of thinking about graphic media. When is a car a print, or a tapestry for that matter? The final form that prints take now is not fixed; a billboard, a website, an offset poster, an op-ed piece. The final form of the print, (that for which the print was made), has moved further down the line towards something else. And the means of distributing them – in traveling shows at everyday venues, in web site sales, in free distributions of prints on tortillas – pushes prints into a role it has not played in the US in many years. It is a role that printmakers often speak of, but usually nostalgically as if to say “we were once important.” But a new activity is in the air. It is being reclaimed – the return of the democratic print.

Art Hazelwood, guest editor

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