Organizing & Instigating: San Francisco Poster Syndicate

The San Francisco Poster Syndicate is a loose organization of faculty, students and former students at the San Francisco Art Institute formed in 2014. We make political prints for specific issues. We grew out of the crisis around higher education– student debt, the abuse of adjunct faculty in higher education. But we branched out to other movements, the struggle for a living wage for fast food workers, protection of homeless people from discriminatory laws, the death penalty in Pakistan. We focus on the series of crises facing our communities, and tie together the local impact with the international forces of authoritarianism in the form of state capitalism. We see the moment now as the inflection point between the chaos of barbarisms and the creation of sustainable communities. The destructive forces of money run amok are rampaging through our land with fracking wells, and pipelines, political pimps selling nuclear power and endless war, privatization schemes that destroy communities to enrich the elite. In short our moment is a tension between a catastrophic future and a livable community.

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Serving Up Justice: Professors and fast food workers find common cause in minimum wage fight, SEIU Local 1021 newsletter, Art Hazelwood and the Poster Syndicate with Fight For 15

WRAP protest against Trump Budget cuts to HUD. Poster Syndicate placards, 2017

SFPS provided many posters for the Adjunct protest at the SF Art Institute Gala at Fort Mason. Faculty and their allies protested teh school's unwillingness to offer realistic job security to adjunct faculty. 2015

Members of the SFPS printing in a stiff wind, at the Fort Mason portest, May, 2015

Adjunct Faculty clutching SFPS posters

SFPS members hold signs and speak of student support for adjunct faculty. A lizard looks on.

SFPS screenprint

The Great Tortilla Conspiracy was called on to help out with the protest. SFPS honorary member to the right.

The Dean of SFAI, Rachel Schreiber, on a tortilla.

SFPS poster for the Fight for Fifteen day of action April 15, 2015