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Homeless Rights

Since 1994 Hazelwood has been working with homeless rights groups. He's made artwork for the street publications, Street Sheet and Street Spirit, and various artwork for the Western Regional Advocacy Project, Hospitality House, and the Community Housing Project. He also organizes poster campaigns, and exhibitons. In 2017 the Coalition on Homelessness honored him the Artwork as Revolution Award.

Street Roots, Portland, OR, Interviewed Art Hazelwood about his art and work on homeless issues.
Pressing the issue: Art Hazelwood's imagery and action on the homeless front
by Emily Green | 2 Dec 2014

Beast of Hatred - Those Whose Teeth are Swords
Beast of Hatred - Those Whose Teeth are Swords, 2007, screenprint, 17 1/2” x 24”

House Keys not Handcuffs
2016 mural in Clarion Alley
, San Francisco. A collaboration with
San Francisco Print Collective and Michelle Williams for WRAP

House Keys Not Handcuffs Hobos to Street People
Two books on art and homelessness, House Keys Not Handcuffs and Hobos to Street People

Dorothea Lange | David Bacon
Dorothea Lange, 1939 | David Bacon, 2005

Touring exhibition Hobos to Street People:
Artists' Responses to Homelessness from the New Deal to the Present

You can view the entire traveling show and see details at the website of WRAP

Arnett Watson Apartment Mural

Jos Sances and Art Hazelwood created a 10 x 19' ceramic tile mural at the Arnett Watson apartments in San Francisco.
Arnett was an activist with the Coalition on Homelessness. See more

Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP)

Change the Priorities

WRAP is a coalition of western US social justice-based homelessness organizations.
Hazelwood is Minister of Culture of WRAP